Saturday, May 24, 2008

How hot was it?

I've been trying to find a widget to put Ba'qubah weather on the blog, but it has been an unfruitful search. When I talked with Daniel this morning I told him it had been 111ยบ today. He said he knew it had been hot, but hadn't realized it was *that* hot. Ah well, just a preview of the really hot days to come.
The mess with chow [pun intended] has been resolved. The supplies orders for the previous squad left when they did, and now new supply orders have worked through the red tape so the troops are actually eating! Daniel said the first chow they were served took everyone about 2 minutes to down . They were quite thankful!

Daniel has been doing some photo work for a guy in his squad who is an aspiring rap artist. He has posted 3 of his pictures to his myspace account. [The link only works if you have a myspace account and are signed in, so belatedly I have posted the pictures here]

He's been learning a photo editing software, so the added verbiage is his work as well!

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