Saturday, May 3, 2008


After asking Daniel to do a "guest" blog, it apparently won't happen. He's on his way back to the Sandbox. He reports he gained 15 pounds (woohoo) and his flight from SeaTac to DFW put him in too late to catch the flight to Kuwait. The US gave him a complimentary overnight at a hotel near the airport and he's scheduled to fly out this afternoon, most likely.

They have until late September or early October in Iraq, then to Kuwait for outprocessing and debriefing (making sure no one wants to go off and get weird), then back to Germany for at least 90 days. After that comes the breath holding. The goal is to stay with the 2-2 SCR, which is not scheduled for a re-deployment for at least a year. If they get transferred to another unit, he could go back for a 2nd stint. He would like to come home and get on with education and the rest of his life.

It was wonderful to have him here. Please stick him back in your prayers for safety.

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