Monday, May 19, 2008

Corn on the COP

I'm so glad he's at the new COP because when he calls, there is no satellite echo. It's really annoying to listen yourself talk!

There is Internet, although they can't purchase it individually, and there is VoIP phone service, which is cheaper than the AT&T calling card.

The chow is shipped over from FOB Warhorse, which was the best part of the FOB. They don't get choices on what they eat, but the food is good and he doesn't have to walk half an hour to get it.

He said it is more humid than in the Rashid district, which surprised me. He also said that may have been his perception since it was his first patrol with kit on and he was sweating like a pig. Side note - I'm so glad he's past puberty. When he would run cross country, you didn't want to be in a closed car with him as the hormones burned off with the sweat!

He has a new address. If I haven't sent it to you and you want it, drop a comment with your email. I'll send you his address and delete your comment so you won't become spam-fodder. Bring on the packages, he says!!

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