Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Food related anagram

Microwave popcorn can be rearranged to spell "vaccine worm or pop." It's important that you know these things!


Anonymous said...

wow just want to say thanks for doing this! my husband works with webster. and of course he never tells me anything so i come on here about once or so a day and check to see whats going on with them . just wanted to say thanks! :D

jessica locke

Lost in Translation said...

Jessica - You're totally welcomed. I am always amazed at who reads this and how they react. I understand the pics are your guy - he's quite photogenic!

jessica locke said...

thank you yes he is very photogenic! :D and your son does awsome pictures i wanted to see if he'll take some of my husband and i when they get back. i also have a couple pictures of webster if you would like them.

Lost in Translation said...

Jessica - I'd love them!