Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sleep is a weapon

I had coffee today with the mother of one of Daniel's friends, also curently deployed in Iraq. He's with the 82nd Airborne, although apparently he's sitting in trucks a lot these days. Despite doing training jumps, he's not done any combat leaps.

Alan and Daniel went to high school together, ended up in Airborne school at the same time and are now sharing the joys of the Sandbox, albeit in different locales.

When I told Daniel I would be meeting with Alan's mother he asked that I pass a message to Alan through her. It was "Tell the [starts with 'b,' ends with 'astard'] to stay alive!"

Alan's mom told me to tell Daniel, "Sleep is a weapon," wisdom taken from the Bourne series. When you are tired, you are less aware of your surroundings, less likely to make good decisions and more likely to put yourself in harm's way. I thought it was sage advice.

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