Monday, October 1, 2007

Further information

The fatality was Sgt. Johnson who had been Daniel's squad leader while he was in Ft. Lewis and also most of the time in Germany. Daniel thought he was a great guy.

When I talked with him this morning we began with the platitudes of, "Well it happens and then you move on," and ended with the reality of losing someone as mortality hitting you upside the forehead.

He is scheduled for leave in April, coming home to celebrate his 21st birthday! That's a little beyond the halfway point of the deployment so he'll be on the home stretch after that.

If someone would like to donate to the care and feeding of a distant but yet lovable Nano, he says the best connection with home is the phone and if you email me (Mom), I'll give you the information to allow you to refill his phone card for him!

He sends his love, sounded reasonably upbeat and misses everyone.

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