Monday, March 31, 2008

Sleep is overrated

The phone rang. I thought it was James because my fully asleep, seasoned citizen eyes couldn't quite make out the name on the screen. "Hello? What?"

"Hi. I just read the blog and 'indirect fire' means a mortar attack."

Well at least we got the important stuff out of the way. -smile-

He's alive and kicking. Here's the news that's fit to print:
  • By the 8-11th, he will hopefully be back at the FOB.
  • Around the 15th, he will hopefully be in Kuwait
  • They will fly him home either via Texas or directly to WA (whether SeaTac or McChord is unknown)
  • He will have 18 days at home (YAY!)

He says now is not a good time for packages. They are moving off the COB and many things will have to be left behind. By the way CookieBaker - he said the brownies were absolutely fabulous! He appreciates packages greatly and says please to resume sending them when he has to go back.

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