Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Daniel was online last night. He is parked at Camp Liberty, which is where he will leave from. They were sent there early, only to be told, “You’re early.” Best indication is he will arrive Thursday or Friday of this week, depending on when he actually ships out.

He will go to Kuwait, from there to Atlanta to check in for leave. He flies from Atlanta to Dallas and Dallas to SeaTac. No idea what flight or when (I hope they’re not using American Airlines), but he said he changed his mind on group meetings, at least just for the airport. He would love to see anyone who would like to come out and greet him when he arrives.

If you want an update of arrival times, send me an email back, along with a “sure, let me know even if it’s 2am” or “just let me know during normal waking hours” and I will do my best to keep you informed.

I am going to pick up his car today and make sure it’s clean (it’s not) as well as his cell. Same number – it will be on for 2 weeks.

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