Thursday, March 20, 2008

The times they are a-changing

My phone dinged again today! Here is the latest news (well what's fit to print anyway).

He's on the FOB for a couple of days and may be online during that time. Then they are back to the COB, where they will be packing up. He doesn't think it all makes sense (and I think he's going to be missing a room to himself), but they are pulling them back and putting them somewhere else. Yes, he knows where he's going. No, he can't say.

In terms of leave, he does not have a firm date, but believes April 8th might be a possibility. He thinks this because there was someone scheduled for it, who has taken their leave earlier. If it is the 8th, he would be here for at least part of his birthday, which was something he hoped for.

I asked if the optical drive cleaner I had sent worked. He said he used it once and it killed the thing; the brushes wore down on the first usage! He's amazed his computer is working at all, given 7 months of dirt and heat. He also said he gave all his Peeps to Capellino. I told him he could have saved them for his coffee; they look so cute floating in the little brown puddles. He said, "Coffee? Did you mean the mud they serve here??" Evidently he hasn't been away from Starbucks long enough to not care about the quality of his joe.

He sounded good, tired and was looking forward to his first shower in a week and half.

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