Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

On my desk I have a little orange funky clock. The time never matches what my computer says is Internet time, primarily because I have it set to Daniel time. Today I noticed that for the past few days Daniel time has been 2:50. Being astute, it only took me a few days to realize the battery was dead.

Daniel called this morning to use up the last 10 minutes of his phone card. He told me he had gotten a new radio today and was busy charging batteries for it; they too were dead. The biggest problem now he said, was they were short brackets of some sort for the vehicles so mechanized patrol was not yet possible. They were playing the hurry up and wait game.

In some regards he must feel like my clock. Time has stopped and he is merely waiting for someone to replace the battery in order for his life to go forward.

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