Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Morning

I got a call from Daniel! He is at his FOB (Forward Operating Base), taking classes, getting intelligence briefings (sniper in the area who is being effective) and experiencing sleeping to the sound of gunfire, mortar barrages and IED's exploding.

The troops were air transported from Kuwait to Baghdad, then by Chinook to their FOB. The vehicles were already there - they had done a land transport.

As we spoke, he said there was a 600 foot column of black smoke he could see. He didn't know if it was an IED explosion or an oil well which had been sabotaged.

He does have a new address. Please email me if you want it. He says Internet will be non-existent for the most part; phone calls when he can and snail mail will be the best form of communication.

If you want to send packages, at this time he is requesting:

  • Postage Stamps
  • Food - nothing that will melt in heat. Chocolate is right out.
  • AT & T phone cards. No other cards work with the phone system, and they're really expensive to buy there - essentially an hour costs about $30.
  • Books on tape you have copied to CD's. He will listen to them and pass them on to other soldiers. They don't necessarily have room for physical books and if you send one, only do so with the understanding it will not come back. He will pass it on and doesn't have room to carry things around.

The best way to send a package is with the Priority Express Box. You have to get the offical box from the post office (you can order them online), but they're free. It is a flat rate, regardless of weight.

He sends his love, thanks everyone for their prayers and says, "please write!"

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