Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mo' Snail Stuff

Today we got another tent for the platoon so there is a lot more space for everyone and their stuff. It makes it a lot more comfortable and easier to live in, so hopefully it stays like that for a while.

We had a mission early again today. We walked a few miles searching the streets for IED's. Doesn't seem smart, huh? Ah well, every one we find is one less out there to kill someone, so it's a good mission. We do a lot over here for the locals and it's nice seeing that we can help them, but I still don't see the point to this war. I see the good that comes out of it, but the good we do isn't the reason we are here, more of just a side effect of being here.

Still no world on leave, but I will let you all know as soon as I get that information.

Letters, pictures, phone cards are always appreciated, but mainly pictures and letters. I'm missing home a lot and the people waiting there for me. I know it's only a matter of time, but it's difficult to feel that way over here. Time goes by quickly, but you never know when or where you will spend your last hours. It's just a nagging dark thought which pulls at you, no matter how much you know you will be coming home.

I keep optimistic though, try to have as much fun as possible, talking to the kids on the streets, and passing out candy to them.

Once I get more pictures I will try and burn a CD and send it home. It's really interesting seeing how different everything is over here - the architecture, the way of life and the culture. Hopefully it will give you guys a glimpse of life over here.

There are just some people here that I can't stand. They shouldn't even be allowed to breathe, but yet they do and people are too understanding. Enough said.

Anyway, life is fine. I'm still breathing and my heart still beats. All is good.

Send love to everyone back home,


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