Saturday, September 8, 2007

Angels and tennis shoes

Daniel reports he just got back from 38 hours of continuous patrol. At one point, Daniel had a "misunderstanding" with someone from 2nd squad who mistook him for a curfew violator. Daniel found himself with a laser target square on his chest. Thankfully they were able to identify before the other guy took a shot. My youngest said, "Mom, I don't think I like that guy, although he does have good aim."

I told Daniel each of these stories demonstrates to me that prayer cover for him is good and there is a right mighty angel keeping his scrawny little hide out of danger. Thanks to everyone who holds him up!

He says his tennis shoes are falling apart and if anyone would like to bless him, he needs a size 9. Saucony or Nike are his preferred brands, although this is just walking around; they don't do PT. If you would like to support him in this way, please post a comment so everyone knows it has been taken care of.

Exerpts from today's IM:
Diane says:
So what are the Iraqi's like you're coming in contact with? Other than the ones making IED's, are they glad you're there or do they stay away from you?
Daniel says:
it really depends, you know how the opinions differ back in the states, its the same over here
Daniel says:
some of them ask us for protection, some of them keep as far away as possible, some of them love us, some of them try to use us, its just different

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Maria- lynn said...

my mom and I will do that. heeee.
Righty ho - size 9, same as me, but only, he's a boy. :>)