Saturday, July 5, 2008

Loud and Clear

Daniel says:
Hmmm yes, we got another shipment of water finally, and we took the Iraqis off of our power supply, go figure, the generator works better when they aren't scunging half of it for themselves.

He phoned this morning. The water was gratefully received and they are scheduled to receive 2 new generators.
Part of the problem with the old generator was they had authorized a small amount of use by the neighboring Iraqi (house?). They had hooked up and were using far more than allowed, hence some of the problems. While they wait for the new ones, they at least have moderately more consistent electrical for themselves.
The new lens in the package that arrived today and Daniel is absolutely in love with it. He has posted some pictures on his myspace, mostly what I will refer to as beefcake pics of his squad, but I suppose they can't help it; they're buff by profession.

Daniel was given a squadron coin which he thought so impressive, he took pictures of it. Other than being really nice, he wasn't sure what it was for, but thought receiving it might carry promotion points. Any military out there care to ding in with a comment?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Daniel and family. The squadron coin is a little tangible military thank you, to carry around and remind yourself you are very cool (well, sorry, bad choice of words.) Ya done good.
Love, Karen Camp (mom of a retired Marine)

Anonymous said...

Daniel, the company coin is also used by some at the local military clubs to see who is buying the next round so to speak - no coin on you? Guess who's buying? As was previously stated it is also a very nice momento of your service and means something to other military members that you meet later in life. My husband has been out of the service for twn years or so and still carries his coin on him. Hang in there and know that this American is proud of the service you are doing.
Christine (wife of a former Air Force member)