Friday, June 13, 2008

Popcorn and a soda

Daniel has been absent from the phone or Internet for a couple of days, so no news is ... well, no news.

The advance, advance, advance party for whichever unit is going to replace them wandered through a few days ago. I am guessing the reaction was, "Yup, there's a lot of sand."

Daniel says his orders are till November 1st, but he holds with the mental conviction they may be there longer. It's sort of like the tribulation debate, which comes down to be prepared for a post-millenium tribulation and pray like heck it's a pre-millenium rapture. If that doesn't make any sense, write me and I'll explain.

Browsing Stryker News this morning, I followed the link on a story about a DVD premiered at Ft. Lewis. It documents the battle for Ba'qubah, which was one of the fiercest in Iraq during the surge. The reason 4-2SCR has a relatively quiet assignment is because the 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry, in the words of Bill Pullman in Independence Day, plowed the road! If you have AKO secure access (you're a solider basically), the program is viewable on Stryker News; pull up a root beer and a batch of Orville's finest and enjoy!

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