Sunday, June 29, 2008

Movie Review

We went to see Wall*e on opening day. Yes, we got the free watch. If you want one, hurry on down to your local theater because these limited edition souvenir time pieces are only available if you see the movie on the opening weekend (to boost numbers clearly). They are equisitely crafted pieces of plastic, big enough to fit on your Tickle Me Elmo's arm, and guaranteed to stop working if it even should *look* like rain. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And so what does a clean up robot (I hope I'm not spoiling the plot here) have to do with Daniel's blog? We sat in an air conditioned theater and ate popcorn. It was nice. Saturday morning Daniel called. It had been 120 that day and the 5 year old generator on the COP is not doing well. In order to keep air conditioning in the housing area, they are not allowed to use the microwave and the water heaters are also not to be used. All showers are cold. All food is too.

He also said that as they were leaving for their mission, they had no water; it hadn't been delivered yet that day, so they were scrambling to find a few old bottles of some sort of soda to keep hydrated with.

Our world of cool theaters and leisure time to watch movies is so far flung from what he's doing, but what he and the other guys are doing does, and has done since the beginnings of our country, made my life possible.

Thanks guys - sending cool, wet thoughts your way. Keep safe and hydrated.

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