Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yeah for Microsoft

You may have heard the news reports Microsoft was sending X-Boxes to Iraq and Afghanistan for the troops to use in their down time. Daniel's squadron didn't see any of those, probably because they are off the beaten path. Several of his fellow soldiers bought them on their own and Daniel finally did too.
While he was on patrol one day, someone grabbed his box to play and plugged it directly into the 220 current and fried the power cord. Yes, it was the power cord - Daniel is becoming the master of diagnosing things about which he has no knowledge. I told him he probably got that gene from his dad and he agreed, saying the random weird singing gene came from me (but that's a whole different story).

Steve contacted a former student of his who works for MS in the entertainment division and when he found out what had happened, said he would send off a replacement cord at no cost and throw in some games for good measure in support of our brave soldiers (Shhhhh - don't tell Daniel).

Kudos to MS!!

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